UPC 781552410690, KYB 341069 Excel-G Gas Strut

UPC 781552410690

KYB 341069 Excel-G Gas Strut

Product Details
Last Updated March 01, 2017 14
Country USA & Canada
Warranty KYB Limited Warranty warrants to the original retail purchaser that each new KYB product purchased from an authorized KYB dealer shall be free from defects for the specific periods listed below, when used on private passenger vehicles and light trucks for personal use under normal operating conditions. Warranty Period A. lifetime
Studio KYB
Publisher KYB
Model 341069
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Parts
Label KYB
CatalogNumberList 341069KYB341069KYB-341069575-341069K11341069
Binding Automotive
Color Black , Silver
Manufacturer KYB
Brand KYB
Product Type Auto Part
Product Category Automotive Parts and Accessories

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