UPC 042648447021, Fiesta 6-5/8-Inch Utensil Crock, Cinnabar

UPC 042648447021

Fiesta 6-5/8-Inch Utensil Crock, Cinnabar

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Last Updated August 17, 2017 07
Country USA & Canada
Warranty Five Year Warranty. We warrant all china made by The Homer Laughlin China Company against chipping under normal usage conditions for a period of Five Years from the date of delivery. We will replace any pieces returned and found to be defective with identical or equivalent pieces on a one for one basis. All breakage and chipping caused by abnormal or abusive use is expressly excluded from this warranty. We reserve the right to determine whether or not the chipping is from normal usage. To receive replacements under this warranty, claims should be submitted to
Studio Fiesta
Publisher Fiesta
Model 447-102
Label Fiesta
Binding Kitchen
Color Cinnabar
Manufacturer Fiesta
Brand Homer Laughlin
Product Type Kitchen
Product Category Kitchen

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