UPC 025192275708, 20,000 Days on Earth + Digital Copy [Blu-ray]

UPC 025192275708

20,000 Days on Earth + Digital Copy [Blu-ray]

Product Details
Last Updated March 08, 2017 02
Country USA & Canada
Studio Cinedigm
RunningTime 97
ReleaseDate 2014-11-18
RegionCode 1
Publisher Cinedigm
PublicationDate 2014-11-10
NumberOfDiscs 1
Model 31560020
Language English
Label Cinedigm
Format Digital_copy, Widescreen, NTSC, HiFi Sound, Anamorphic, Blu-ray, and Multiple Formats
Director Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth
Binding Blu-ray
AudienceRating NR (Not Rated)
Actor Ray Winstone, Kylie Minogue, Warren Ellis, Susie Bick, and Nick Cave
Manufacturer Cinedigm
Brand Cinedigm
Product Type Abis Dvd
Product Category DVD

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