UPC 025192228193, The Green Inferno (Director's Cut)

UPC 025192228193

The Green Inferno (Director's Cut)

Product Details
Last Updated January 28, 2017 22
Country USA & Canada
Studio Universal
RunningTime 101
ReleaseDate 2016-01-05
RegionCode 1
Publisher Universal
PublicationDate 2016-03-15
PictureFormat Anamorphic Widescreen
NumberOfDiscs 1
Model 35222353
Language English
Label Universal
Genre Horror
Format Widescreen, Subtitled, NTSC, and Color
CatalogNumberList POMN-B015N8JH84MN-B015N8JH8461131255LNMN-B015N8JH84
Binding DVD
AudienceRating R (Restricted)
AspectRatio 2.40
Actor Sky Ferreira, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Daryl Sabara, Ariel Levy, and Lorenza Izzo
Manufacturer Universal
Product Type Abis Dvd
Product Category DVD

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