UPC 024543752813, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

UPC 024543752813

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Product Details
Last Updated February 02, 2017 16
Country USA & Canada
Studio Fox Searchlight
RunningTime 137
ReleaseDate 2011-11-01
RegionCode 1
Publisher Fox Searchlight
PublicationDate 2014-04-01
PictureFormat Widescreen
NumberOfDiscs 1
Model 2275281
Language English
Label Fox Searchlight
Format Widescreen, Subtitled, NTSC, Dubbed, Dolby, Color, AC-3, and Multiple Formats
Edition No enhanced packaging
Director Wayne Wang
Creator (Writer) Ronald Bass, Michael Ray, Lisa See, and Angela Workman
Creator (Producer) Florence Sloan, Craig Shilowich, and Andrew Loo
CatalogNumberList POMN-B005KG4CUSMN-B005KG4CUS2275281LNMN-B005KG4CUS
Binding DVD
AudienceRating PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
AspectRatio 2.40
Actor Archie Kao, Russell Wong, Vivian Wu, Ji-hyun Jun, and Bingbing Li
Manufacturer Fox Searchlight
Product Type Abis Dvd
Product Category DVD

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