UPC 012236181859, O Christmas Tree (artisan)

UPC 012236181859

O Christmas Tree (artisan)

Product Details
Last Updated February 08, 2017 18
Country USA & Canada
Studio Lions Gate
RunningTime 48
ReleaseDate 2005-09-13
RegionCode 1
Publisher Lions Gate
PublicationDate 2010-09-14
PictureFormat Widescreen
NumberOfDiscs 1
Model 2209873
Language English
Label Lions Gate
Genre Kids & Family
Format NTSC, Color, Closed-captioned, Animated, and Multiple Formats
Director Bert Ring
CatalogNumberList MN-B000A6T1Y0POMN-B000A6T1Y0LNMN-B000A6T1Y0
Binding DVD
AudienceRating G (General Audience)
AspectRatio 1.33
Actor Tim Conway, Marie Osmond, and Ed Asner
Manufacturer Lions Gate
Product Type Abis Dvd
Product Category DVD

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