UPC 009414784124, A Musical Painting Comes to Life

UPC 009414784124

A Musical Painting Comes to Life

Product Details
Last Updated May 22, 2017 06
Country USA & Canada
Studio Crystal Records
RunningTime 58
ReleaseDate 1993-06-15
Publisher Crystal Records
PublicationDate 1993-06-15
NumberOfDiscs 1
Language English
Label Crystal Records
Creator (Performer) Debolt, Thompson, and Villareal
Creator (Composer) Chabrier
CatalogNumberList 841
Binding Audio CD
AudienceRating NR (Not Rated)
Artist David De Bolt, Timothy Ehlen, Jan Meyer Thompson, Edward Ormond, Katharine DeBolt, Kent Collier, Mary Sue Hyatt, and Sylvia Villarreal
Manufacturer Crystal Records
Product Type Abis Music
Product Category Music

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